As an acclaimed illusionist, mentalist, and performance artist, Scott Silven pushes the boundaries of his craft by creating stylish, smart, and uniquely immersive performances that mesmerize audiences across the globe. Hailed by Vogue as a ‘world-renowned mentalist’, his work has been described as ‘a marvel’ (The New York Times), ‘mesmerizing’ (Town and Country) ‘truly astonishing’ (The Daily Beast) ’unforgettable’ (Entertainment Weekly) and theatre that ‘wows everyone’ (The New Yorker) through a combination of ’elegance, sheer mind power, and profound philosophical insight’ (Manhattan Digest).

From a locked box to an old pocket watch, as a child, Scott reveled in mystery. This innate fascination with the enigmatic and unexplainable guided him to explore the intricacies of the mind at a young age, and evoked a sense of wonder that he knew he had to share with others. This, in turn, led him to studying hypnosis in Milan at the tender age of 15 and quickly progressing to a degree in Contemporary Performance in Edinburgh, Scotland. On graduating, Silven immediately used this background in performance art and illusion, coupled with a passion for psychology and his knowledge of the human mind, to begin developing truly singular theatrical experiences that yield an immersion into the impossible. 

Now, at just 29 years old, his work is extensive in scale. From working within the medium of both theatre and television, Silven crafts his own productions that appear across the world to critical acclaim. But from an intimate table to a grand stage, Silven’s objectives remain absolute: to orchestrate an awe-inspiring experience, to reveal the mysterious side of human nature, and, ultimately, to lead his audiences to a place that suggests untold possibilities, a place that challenges perceptions; a place that allows them to look at the world, and themselves, in an extraordinary way.